Kid Cudi has revealed that he suffered a stroke while he was in rehab for depression and drug addiction in 2016. 

Almost six years ago, the musician and actor confirmed in a post on social media that he’d entered a rehabilitation centre after experiencing “depression and suicidal urges”. 

The star opened up about his mental health in 2018, saying that “for a long time, I wasn’t happy when I woke up in the morning”. 

During a new interview with Esquire, Cudi explained that he had a stroke two weeks into the programme, which affected his speech and movement. 

The star spent the following few months in physical rehab before turning a corner in 2017, when he felt well enough to audition for a Broadway play, Lobby Hero, with Michael Cera. 

Cudi’s seventh and most recent studio album, ‘Man On The Moon III: The Chosen’, came out in December 2020. Several tracks, including album opener ‘Tequila Shots’, address his internal struggles.