Andy Murray suffered a devastating loss to Camero Norrie in Cincinnati as it was a match where the Brit wasted multiple chances to finish off Norrie. 

Andy Murray is not close to retiring but the Brit was asked how he would do it with the question leaving even him unsure of it. 

Due to the impending retirement of Williams, there has been much talk about retiring in tennis and Murray was asked about his own. He was unsure whether he would even announce  

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Murray won the opening set but faltered as the match went on missing a couple of big balls in very crucial moments 

"It's a difficult one" - ANDY MURRAY SPEAKS ON HIS RETIREMENT... He admitted that' it's something he needs to find a solution for:

"There is part of it I think when you announce that you’re retiring that I would imagine psychologically it’s quite difficult, as well. - Murray Speaks